It’s time to continue my story. Yesterday was a horrible day, we are stranded and left out in the cold somewhere on the north side of a snowy mountain. The night is cold, windy and wet. We are on a small piece of land in between two big sheets of snow, that is clearly melting. There’s a river flowing between these 2 planes of snow. That’s our water source. I wake up and take a look outside. The weather is awesome! It’s dry, the sun is shining and there’s no more fog. It was like I was blind and now I could see. The difference with yesterday is intense.

This is part 6 of a travel story. Here are the links to the other parts.

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Chocolate pudding!

Opening the tent and being able to finally see further than 10 meter gave us hope! It’s breakfast time. I rummage in my bag and take out this awesome breakfast chocolate pudding with nuts. It’s the professional food. There’s lot’s of vitamins, proteins and energy inside. Preparing is easy, just add milk. Wait… MILK? Where are we going to find milk?!

Just kidding we have a bag of powdered milk. We add the powdered milk to some water and mix it up. Then mix the bag with pudding through the milk. It’s delicious! It tastes like heaven on earth. Much better than what we’ve been eating the past days. We are a bit more hungry than the previous days, which is a good sign. You have to continue to eat well, but being tired and while backpacking can give you a lack of hunger. It’s something to take in consideration and make sure to pay attention to your calories count. You have to eat a lot more than you normally would.

Luckily this pudding is a calorie-bomb and delicious. I even lick out the bowl, it’s that good! But it’s time to leave this hell on earth place and continue. We have to make it! Today we are going to make it to the cabin, no discussion. But how do we get there? There are no more way-marks to be found. This was the last one and the only one we could see is across the big plane of snow we’ve crossed yesterday.

The cops call, again

I take out our map, compass and look on the GPS on my phone. I know where to go. We have to north in a straight line and then we’re back on track. But this plane of snow is steep! It’s so steep it scares the crap out of me. It looks like cliff, you can’t even see past the horizon that’s 50 meters in front of you. What comes after that? It’s unknown, just more steep snow. Are we going to cross this snow or just go back?

And then the cops call. Again. They are very friendly and ask how we’ve been and if we continued our path. I tell them the weather is great now, no more fog and we can finally see. We are also packing up, but don’t know if we are going to continue or return. “The best thing to do is go to the cabin”, he tells. “It’s not so far away and it’s only downhill”. He knows our exact location, since I gave him our coordinates yesterday. “Just go straight north, then you will see the next way-mark and continue north-west. You will make it to the cabin.”

Very hopeful words. “Call us when you make it to the cabin”. So that’s what we will do. Start packing and go north. I get excited again. The pain in my legs you say? What legs? I’m excited, let’s tear this mountain apart and fly to the cabin. So we start our descend. My partner is very scared of this steep plane of snow. It’s so steep that when you would slip and fall, you would just continue to roll down till the end of time.

Unexpected help

We descend the first steep snow-plane. We hold each other’s arms. I go first, sideways and stomp my feet in the snow with every step I take. I’m creating a stairway. This way makes it harder for us to slip and fall, which would be dramatic. The snow is deep. Half-way we pass by an open spot in the snow. Inside this open spot is a big rock. I don’t understand why there’s isn’t any snow here. It’s just a half meter wide circle without snow. This allowed us to see the depth of the snow. It’s at least 1 meter deep. The snow is frozen and easy to walk on, but it is slippery.

We start to see the next way-mark on a piece of land. Thank god. The descent was longer than expected, but we are back on track. We go to the next way-marks and continue our path to the cabin. But then reality hits. More snow! There’s just no end to it. We need to pass more snow. We dislike it. But there’s some unexpected help that gives us a hand.

Yesterday there was a couple that passed us while we still needed to pack up. They went the same route, but they helped us without even knowing it. Their footprints are all over the snow. Now we know for sure that it’s safe to walk on. We just have to follow their footsteps. When there’s an uncertainty or a missing way-mark, just follow the footsteps. There’s a lot of snow to cross and big descends to make.

Snowy mountain norway

I’m still smiling.

Snowy mountain norway

Lot’s of snow

There’s the cabin!

As we descend, the snow start to disappear. Thank God, we are on land. The weather is great. The descend is steep, but at least it is land. The path goes down and we pass a lot of water. It’s a great opportunity to fill up our bottles of water. In the distance we start to see the big lake, where the cabin is situated at. We can’t spot it yet, but we are getting close. We travel west for a while and then we spot the first cabin! We are happy, however this is not the cabin we are looking for. This is a private cabin. After continuing 5 more minutes we spot the real cabin. We just know we made it, and it’s only midday. The sun is shining, it is actually pretty warm. No rain or fog, it is just perfect.

After a while we get at the lake where the cabin is at. It looks like a small beach. It’s beautiful, but there’s only one problem. There are mosquito’s everywhere in big swarms. It’s a plague, luckily we are prepared and have anti-mosquito spray on. The cabin is a bit uphill across a muddy pathway. Well my feet are wet anyway. And then we see the cabin up close in person! Wow that feeling! It’s beautiful. I can’t wait to get in.

Cabin of mosdalsbu

Cabin of mosdalsbu

I open the door and enter. There’s a big pile of wood in the hallway, no jackets, no shoes. We have the house for ourselves! King of the hill. I enter the main room. I’m impressed, it’s very cozy. In the middle is a big table with 2 benches. There’s a cooking area and a stove. And food! so many food, I can’t believe it. It’s wonderful, I love it already. The beds are decent. The stove is still warm, the wood inside is still glowing red. I put some new wood inside and there it goes. Making fire is easy.

We take the time to relax and cook. Finally some good meals. I have a huge appetite and haven’t eaten well in a couple of days. Next to the cabin runs a river. This were we can get water to drink, cook and wash. We wash our clothes and let everything dry above the stove. Since it’s only mid-day, we take our time to relax and have a wonderful time. The weather is perfect and the sky is colourful. We take our time to walk across the lake. If it weren’t for THESE DAMN MOSQUITO’S…

The lake of mosdalsbu

The lake of mosdalsbu