So this is day 3 of my adventure in Norway. Yesterday was a long day. We planned to take it easy, but that failed and plans changed. We climbed 900m and were exhausted. Today is a new day and we continue our journey further to the cabin in Mosdalsbu.

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Getting ready

Like mentioned above in the intro, yesterday was a big day. But did we overdo it? During the night my legs had time to recover a bit. I can still feel the pain from yesterday. Anyway we have to continue. We take it easy with packing and breakfast. We take our time. We’ve been through the hardest part of this hike yesterday. A couple have passed us today while we were still in our tent. They are going the same way.

It rained quite a lot during the night, but now the weather is good. We pack up our tent, it is still wet. We fill our water bottles one more time and continue our hike. The first steps are bad. It hurts, everything hurts. My feet, legs, back and shoulders are stiff. The hill is not so steep. While walking it gets better. My muscles are getting warm and the stiffness and pain goes away. We started our hike at 11 am. I know it’s kind off late to start our hike, but we needed the sleep.

While going uphill we slowly start to get to snowy parts. I love it. I cannot believe that I’m in the snow in the summer. Luckily there isn’t much snow and we can easily go around it. At 1 pm we start our lunch. I boil some water and make us some soup. We drink the soup and eat some crackers with lots of seeds in it. This should give us a lot of energy and proteins.

The weather gets bad

This hike is amazing. My legs are good, healthy and fit again. I can get to the top in a breeze. But that changed rapidly. We are now at 80% of reaching the top. Bad weather strikes. It starts with big winds of 80+ km/h (50+ mph). Some winds almost knocks us over. But we continue to pull through. Everything is going amazing, we are not here to quit. Step by step we go uphill.

But the weather get’s even worse. It starts to rain. The cold wind and rain hits my face. My nose starts to drip and my face get’s really cold. We are almost at the top now. It starts to get foggy, like it couldn’t get any worse. Luckily we can still see the next marks and we make it to the top. There are now 100 km/h (60 mph) winds blowing our socks off. I tell my partner that it will get better as we descend the north side of the mountain.

But then the fog gets worse. We reach the first planes of snow that we need to cross. We didn’t expect this. We forgot to ask about this hike in the tourist information center is Odda. But the fog is a lot worse now. We cannot see the markings on the other side of the snow plane. We only see snow and fog, nothing else. This is bad! There’s only 1 thing we can do. Wait. So we wait and sit down for 2 minutes. We literally see the clouds moving because of these high winds.

Suddenly there’s a break in the fog and we can see the next marks on the end of the snow. There are other footsteps going the same way. We follow the footsteps and get to the other side of the snow. We didn’t like it. We don’t know if the snow is safe to walk on. There might be a lake below it. You never know.

Let’s descend

We are now at the top and we continue the hike. We slowly descent. The winds decrease and the weather get’s a bit better. It was the worse at the top, but now it’s better. It isn’t good yet, but still a big difference. The descent happens on the north side of the mountain. There is a lot more snow to cross. It start with small portions. We don’t like it, but these small portions aren’t so bad. And there are footsteps in the snow that we can follow.

But then it happens. We have to cross a really big plane of snow. We can see the mark at the end of it. We have to get over this plane of snow. So we go over the snow. In our eyes it is dangerous. We are not familiar with the snow. But it’s fairly flat. We go over this plane and reach the other side. At the end of the snow you can see the snow clearly melting. The water is coming out of it like a river with a very high current.

But were we land is ever worse. This piece of ground is only a small island in the snow. We cannot see the next marking. It’s too large and steep. And boy is it steep. We cannot risk going over it with no marking to get to next.

We are stuck

So now we are at the Island in the snow. We have no way to go. So we go a bit more to the east to hopefully find a way mark. But that failed. There are no more way marks. We are stuck and we don’t know what to do. So we sit down for a minute. We immediately start to get cold. Everything is wet. Shoes, socks, pants, gloves, hat it’s all wet. The fog starts to get back. We cannot continue or go back. The fog doesn’t let us get back.

Foggy snow

This is our view

There’s only 1 thing we can do. Set up tent. We have to! We cannot continue and we are cold. We are scared, we are stuck in the middle of nowhere on a mountain between 2 big sheets of snow. We set up the tent, get in and take our sleeping bags. It’s all wet. Our tent and sleeping bags are cold and wet. We get in the sleeping bags and start moving. This makes us warm and heats up the inside of the sleeping bags and tent.

Slowly the temperature rises. After 1 hour of shaking cold and moving, it’s warm again. We discuss on what we have to do. Because we are stuck. So I look on the internet and make a call to the tourist information center of Odda. They told us that this hike was not recommended yet because of the snow. The weather will be better tomorrow and we have 2 options. Go back now, there’s enough daylight left. But if you can keep warm, you can stay there for the night and continue the next day.

There’s no way that we will go back. We went through hell to get where we are. The weather was too cold and wet to get back. She also mentioned 1 sentence that gives us a lot of hope “it’s just snow”. For them it’s just snow, as I mentioned before we are not familiar with this. Maybe we are a bit overreacting. So we plan to stay the night in our tent and continue tomorrow.

I make 1 more call to a guide. They make hikes over glaciers, they can help us out a lot. So I call them to ask if they can send a guy tomorrow morning to help us through. He said that we should wait one more day and said that it’s just snow. Yes I get it now, it’s just snow.

The cops call

So the guide we called before, called the cops on our behalf. We gave him our GPS-coordinates. The cops ask us some questions like name, age, equipment, … So basically they said we are not in an emergency. I told them that we were merely looking for a guide and that they called them. Anyway they also said “it’s just snow”.

So after the calls, we relax and chill out. We will make it the next day. There’s no need to worry. We are going to take a look tomorrow morning and if can’t continue we will just go back. Now it’s dinner time. Just like yesterday, we are not hungry. I go through my bag and find a big can of baked beans. So that’s what we had.

Cooking in the mountains

Cooking in the mountains

I quickly fall asleep after this adventure. Tomorrow will be decision day. Are we going to make it to the cabin?