My trip to Norway have been successfully planned. Plane tickets are booked as well as the bus tickets and I gathered all my gear and food. I’m leaving tomorrow morning, but what’s the plan?

Well I’m going on this trip with my partner, this means that we have to plan it a bit differently than when I would do it on my own. For example: I would just go by plane and hitchhike my way to beautiful places like Trolltunga. But now we have to adapt to each other and my partner wants a bit more security than me, so we’re going by bus.

This is part 2 of a travel story. Here are the links to the other parts.

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  2. Norway, the plan
  3. Norway, day 1
  4. It starts today!
  5. Stuck in the mountains
  6. There is the cabin

Day 1

We arrive at Rygge at 11 am. I know it would be easier to just go to Oslo, but that was too expensive and we are flying with Ryan air. When we arrive we have a shuttle bus waiting for us that will bring us to Oslo.

In Oslo we will go to the DNT center to get a DNT-key. With this key you can enter every hytte (cabin) to spend the night, restock or shower. We are a member of the DNT organisation and we only pay 120 NOK (€12,40) to spend the night as a <26 yo.

At the DNT center we will also buy a map of Odda and the National Park next to it. I told you we were going to Odda right?🤔 Oops, I guess I forgot to mention it. ☺️ Our backpacking trip really starts in Odda, it’s a wonderful place to start. There are glaciers, hiking trips, canoe trips, Trolltunga, National Park, waterfalls, …

Okay I’m wandering away from day 1. 😀 When we got our key and map, we will go to buy our gas cans for our stove. After that it’s time to go to the camping. There’s a camping in Oslo, about 3 km away from the bus station in Oslo. That’s were we will set up camp. The prices are Okay. Its 200 NOK (€22) for the both of us.

We need to find a place to store our backpacks safely and then we can go to explore the city center. In the midday we will most likely buy something small to eat. But in the evening we will cook our own food. We will cook the heaviest can of 1 kg with vegetables and pasta inside. My backpack weighs 18 kg and my partner’s backpack 13 kg.

Trekking food

Trekking food

Hiking backpack

Hiking backpack

Day 2

The next day we will take the bus to Odda. It’s 350 km away from Oslo and it will take 7 hours. The bus drives on a beautiful road with nice views. And this is where the plan kind of stops. We will have our information from the DNT center in Oslo and depending on that we will start our hike and set up camp outside the village.

The next days

Well we don’t have a fixed plan, it all depends on the weather and how far we can walk each day. But the first thing we will do is go up Trolltunga. After Trolltunga we will go further do the National Park and glaciers. There are also waterfalls in that park. We can also go back to Odda. On the other side of Odda you can also go hiking to other glaciers and falls or rent a canoe.


Unfortunately I can’t bring my DSLR. 😩 There just isn’t enough room in my bag. I own a Nikon D5200 where I love to shoot with, but our trip is too long. We are going for 11 days and we don’t really go to villages where we can buy food or restock. Our food and tent take too much away from our bag. I will be stuck with my iPhone 5S as a camera. Still better than nothing. But no night shots of stars and a light up tent this time. I’m sorry.