Norway entered my bucket list not so long ago, but it flew right on top. My absolute number 1 was Iceland. But how is it possible that Norway overtakes Iceland? Well the answer is rather simple: plane tickets. While Iceland becomes more popular and more companies are flying to them, it is still expensive. While on the other hand, if I’m lucky, I can get on a flight to Norway for only €9.99 ($11.40). So that’s how my fantasies about taking a backpack and just wander through Norway started.

This is part 1 of a travel story. Here are the links to the other parts.

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  6. There is the cabin

A backpack you say?

Yes, a backpack. If you have read my previous blogpost (and also my first blogpost ever!) you should know that I travel with my own money. Being a student makes that a hard task. I cannot afford to stay at a hotel or hostel. Well actually I can, but not in Norway. They have a high standard and everything is expensive. So that’s why I’m going with a backpack and a tent.

So I will spend the night in my tent. In Norway it is legal to go wild camping. That’s awesome right? But before you go grab your tent and go wildcamping in Norway read this. There are some rules that you may absolutely not break! I scared you right? Don’t be these are simple and very logical rules. You may not set up camp on civilized land or private territory. That’s it, I told you it was logical.


Most likely I’m going by plane, so that leaves me stranded on foot without a car. This makes me limited to walking distance. I’m also an absolute beginner and Norway is known for it’s climbs. My guess is that 20km a day will be more than doable. I have walked longer distances before in Germany. A 7-day hike will make a total of 140km, but I will rather aim for a 10-day hike of 200km. But I have one more trick up my sleeve. Hitchhiking!

Hitchhiking is very common among wanderers and Norway is known as a hitchhiking paradise. I will try to hitch between bigger areas to overcome the distance limits. I have checked the prices of tours and group travels and the prices are through the roof! No one can afford that. At least, I can’t. Even a group travel in Iceland is cheaper.


I have absolutely no idea of what to bring with me. But I will, soon. But here’s what I can think of right now.

  • A good weatherproof and lightweight pop-up tent
  • A lightweight sleeping bag
  • Good waterproof shoes
  • Adapted clothes
  • Camping light, flashlight and knife
  • Power-bank to charge my phone

There will be a lot more gear added to the list as I do more research. I’m also going to bring zip-ties. I heard that they can really come in handy when having to fix something. Now that I think of fixing something. Duct-tape! There’s also a weight-limit. I will have to carry my gear all day, so I set my limit to 15kg.

The next steps

So, what are the next steps? I will do my research on the places I want to visit and how far they are. Then I can map out my route and make sure that I can get back to airport in time. Next I will make a complete list of gear. I still have a long way to go. My research just started. But hey, this my fantasy we are talking about! Norway will happen this summer, I will make sure of that. I will wander and hike the beautiful landscapes and you are here with me to explore it.