As you might of read in my previous posts, I was planning a backpacking trip to Norway. Well, now I’m back 😆. In short: it was cold, wet and beautiful. My feet hurts, knees broken, pain in my back and shoulders but it was more than worth it! Norway is amazingly beautiful. Everything looks so serene and unreal and wild camping is amazing. Here you will read how I experienced my 11 days in Norway. It will be split down in a couple of posts covering 1 day at a time. So kick back, relax and enjoy the ride. Come back every day for an update.

This is part 3 of a travel story. Here are the links to the other parts.

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Day 1

My day starts early. We get up at 4.30 am. I’m still tired, but I slept well. I get down the stairs slowly and I lock myself up in the bathroom to wash myself and get dressed. Afterwards I go to the kitchen and eat my breakfast. It doesn’t get through me yet what I’m about to do. I’m going to beautiful Norway. I should feel excited, but I’m not. It just feels like an ordinary day. Maybe I’m starting to get used to traveling? I don’t know. Anyway my partner is with me, she has the same feeling.

After breakfast we get in the car and go to the airport. We’re flying with Ryanair, so no big airports. We go the airport of Charleroi. It was busy at the airport, however it was only 5.50 am. I thought it would be calm at that time, but it’s not. I see a lot of military at the airport. It’s normal now ever since the attacks of March 20, 2016 at the Zaventem airport. We got the business plus tickets, so we can cut the lines and get checked in very fast.

On the airplane I don’t feel like vacation yet. It just feels like when we would go to Bruges in our home country by train. Nothing special at all. We land at the Rygge airport. First we get out backpacks which are covered in a flight bag. Next we go to the ATM and withdraw 2000 NOK for our 11 day trip. We get on the express bus that will bring us to Oslo. We ordered the bus online so we don’t have to spend any money.

Once we are in Oslo we have to get a gas can for cooking, a map and a DNT key. We go to the G-sport shop in Oslo, which is very close to the buss terminals. My bag weights a ton! It’s 19 kg with 2 kg carry-on luggage. We get to the shop and buy a gas can. Next we go to DNT which is only 1 street further. The guy is very friendly and helpful. We ask for a key and buy a map of “Odda-Trolltunga” and ask the way to Ekeberg Camping in Oslo.

We continue our way to the camping, which is all the way on top of Ekeberg at a height of 140 m. We follow a path through the woods. It’s very steep at some points, together with our backpacks makes it a heavy climb. We rest a couple of times. Once on the top, we see the camping. It’s very nice and there are only a dozen tents. The camping area is large and there are plenty of facilities. We check in and set up tent. We have a lot of time left to go to the city.

Oslo city from Ekeberg

Oslo city from Ekeberg

The city is active. The oslopride is going on. It’s a big festival and the whole city is covered with the rainbow flag. The atmosphere is nice and solidary. There’s no hate and it’s peaceful. We don’t have enough time to explore the city. There are too many people and it’s not our main goal.

Rainbow Flag

Rainbow Flag

We get back to the camping and start cooking. We start with our heaviest meal. A can of almost 1 kg. This will lighten my bag for the backpacking trip. After cooking I wander around the camping. I find a couple of dutch travelers with their camper and start a chat. One of them were on their last night and they were very nice to give us 2 unused bus tickets to the city. This is truly amazing. We can use them the next morning when we travel further to Odda by bus. We don’t have to walk to Oslo bus terminals, which is a 40 min walk from the camping.

We end our day with looking at the map and deciding which hiking route we will do. I don’t have the feeling that our trip started. It’s very weird, but I’m getting excited for tomorrow. Tomorrow is when it all starts. Now I understand why I didn’t felt it yet. Oslo is not our travel destination. It’s only a pit stop. Our trip starts tomorrow and not today. I’m looking forward to it.

I know what you’re thinking. What hiking route did we choice? I will save that for tomorrow, now you have a reason to come back. We will be on a 7-hour bus trip and I will have enough time to tell you all about our plans tomorrow. I hope you will enjoy reading my trip as much as I enjoyed experiencing it.