We are so excited to tell you the start of something new! You might be following us on social media and massively enjoyed our content, but now we are pushing it further. We are launching our very own travel blog! Our future content is still a life’s mystery, like all the destinations we wander to. But I can promise you, it will be more than worth it.


First let me introduce myself. My name is Kevin Callens, born in 1992. I grew up in a small town in Belgium, back when life was still a mystery and we had no idea of how the world spins and swirls. As a young kid I was always out playing riding my bicycle and doing all the things kids do.

Small town in Belgium

My hometown, Belgium. Who knows where this is?

By the time I was 10 things changed a lot. My parents were always arguing and had a lot of fights, eventually they broke up and got divorced. My mom moved away and me and my sister were left with my dad in the house we grew up in. My dad was always out working to pay off this big house on his own, he wanted to give us the life he never had. By the time I was 12 my sister moved away to live with my mom, she was 15 and going through puberty.

Fast forward to the age of 19 I started at the University College, where I wanted to learn on how to build websites. It was a 3 year education cycle to reach my Bachelor’s degree. But that was only the plan. Midway my second year I got sick and tired of this. My creativity was limited by all these exercises. I had to follow a strict plan in what I had to learn and not about what I wanted to learn. So that’s when I dropped out. I know what you are thinking, another dropout that’s not going to reach anything in his life, but it gets better trust me.

So I was a 21-year old dropout and not skilled enough for a decent job. So what should I do? I went back to University College and started the education “Mechanical Engineering”. Another 3-year cycle, but I was determent to make it. And that’s what I did, at time of writing this I’m 24 years old. My degree is right around the corner, I only have to finish 1 presentation and I’m done. I already signed a job contract to start working as a Junior Project Engineer with a good pay.

The blog

Okay that’s enough of myself, back to the blog. I know what you’re thinking, what does this blog has to do with being a mechanical engineer? Nothing ☺. But who doesn’t like to travel? I know I do. The world is a fascination piece of art and you are here with me to explore it. I have traveled every year since I was 18. I always saved up money and did a job during summer to pay for my travels. My dad never had the money to pay for my travels. Okay, I’m back to talking about myself again. Please forgive me.

This blog is still a mystery with no idea on how it will turn out. Just like a little kid that has no idea on how the world spins and swirls where everything around you is a new discovery. So please add this blog to your bookmarks right now, subscribe to the newsletter and enjoy the ride.

A pleasant gift!

There is something I forget mentioning above. I was too busy talking about myself 😂, but bear with me. To kick off my brand new site, I’m doing an Amazon gift card giveaway. One of you will be granted with a free $50, €50 or £35 (depending on your location) eGift from Amazon! Sign up is easy. We don’t require any information from you, only an email to send the eGift to. Good luck!